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Month: April, 2013

Last day at work

im just… not that ready to accept most of life’s challenges right now.. 
im v afraid of the unfamiliarity/ the adaptations/ the unsureness/ my future 
but everything is new, and we gotta try our best 🙂 

Today was my last day n my dfs friends treated me to supper ❤ 
so touched/happy and sad at the same time! 
though it was just knowing them for 2 mths, i know they are kind people n will be kind to the other newbies as well ^^ Like how life is supposed to be, i met some v nice people, some not that nice people… Got scolded by the tls a couple of times, had to sign this warning letter for talking while working, and had awkward meals/conversations which people you dont know, LOST PHONE and was feeling miserable for a couple of days 😦 , and saw the ugly side of human nature…
but also, learned to make many cocktails, know exactly where the wines or liquor were placed omg haha, met incredible friends, heard many life stories(partly because im was too gossipy and wanted to probe into their lifes hehe) 
hahaha, its a nice place to work in overall, w a good pay and a place where you’ll meet lots of diff people without having to face the awkwardness of meeting your own friends outside 🙂 
Aww, i kinda miss my job and absolut 😦 It was a nice experience but i am ENOUGH with the high heels and blisters on my feet so YAY i got to escape from all that suffering!!
Still, i hope for all the best for all y’all lovely promoters 🙂
this is too cute!! Hope they sell this nxt time!


Thinking too much recently

sometimes i feel happy
sometimes i feel angry
and sometimes i just feel like the world’s falling down
Sounds like an abstract from a children’s storybook, but its true

i’ve been wondering if i had the, “I’m Weak/Scared” face. Or maybe my voice sounds like a child… OKAY i admit i sound childish/bimbotic most of the time hehehe
But people ard me just like to take care of me and frequently pat me on my head
not that i hate it, but i just dont want to be treated like a little girl omg
Like today, i wanted to push the trolley or take some stocks for my absolut but was stopped and helped…….
it was a very gentlemanly act 🙂 but still it made me feel weak, and had me thinking that i was labelled girls = weak and couldn’t carry stocks that are >12 kg blah blah blah
In other instances, i feel small and need to be taken care of
but all i want is to be treated like an independent girl which i always am
hahaha #rantsrantsrants

So today, i went for supper again 🙂 Freaking funny night hahaha, i think i have abs after all that laughter!! 🙂

So no one’s perfect and we as humans strive to be more perfect than we actually are
but im just v confused by the fact that judgement makes one want to improve themselves and is also criticised by making people feel less perfect, so it is good and bad at the same time but its always labelled as bad when we judge…… Aren’t you judging the judger, which makes you a judger as well?! We all in fact judge and the one who judges others judging, is bad too which makes the person judging the judger judging the other judger, a judger as well hahaha #mindfucked
Another thing is looks fade when we grow old so the most important thing is beauty on the inside
so we should all find someone not just for the looks but for his personality and his filiality which everyone knows about it but it is rarely reflected in society today…. Looks always wins compared to one average guy w a good personality.
why don’t gp have this sort of essays for me to write?! damn haha
I can think of more points to argue than the science vs religion/ technology topics… i always end up writing bout fashion haha yay fashion
lol okay my mind has been so weird that i stare into space sometimes thinking bout these useless questions and the answers to them hehehe

Lost a part of me

I lost my phone 😥 
its a white iphone 5 w a v nice aztec cover!!!!
damn you who stole my phone!!! 
Dont you have any INTEGRITY?! 
imagine YOUR phone got stolen, how would you feel 😦 
Hoping that my phone will come back is just hopeless because if she had the heart to return my phone, she would have returned it asap 😦 
To you who stole my phone: 
to prevent other phones from getting stolen as well 
hahaha okay, that was a bit too harsh ^^ 
but you know, i want to think that the you are desperate and need the money so badly that you had no other choice than to steal my phone
It could actually reach up to 500 bucks and it could have been a great help to you and your family 
so i have done a great deed ^^ 
but nonetheless, im still feeling really sad 😦 

After i lost my phone, i was super depressed
But i still went zouk w my colleagues! hehe 
it wasn’t that fun cos i was drunk 😦 
i kinda told them i didnt got drunk before – and that was a huge mistake 
people at dfs were all great drinkers i assume? They can hold their liquor well unlike me hahaha 
Time for bed 🙂 
I admit that I feel quite bad cos i was the one who really hated this type of stuff and really didnt want it to happen on myself, yet i let that happened to me. 
So i was feeling v sorry for myself n idk, just as yon said, once bitten twice shy, so i’ll never do it again? but its not quite up to me/ im just really lucky to have someone by my side 
im so thankful so all the nice people ^^ 

“you can always find something you want.”

Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

finally met up w melissa for shopping!!
That day
Army studded cap/ chanel crop top/ black singlet/ denim skirt
We met at tamp and she made me v happy by saying that i looked like some korean star sitting at the platform
but mainly is because of the cap haha
We went orchard central n had EwF!!
Everybody was using forks and knifes while i just used my hands to eat my har jeong gai burger and salt n vinegar fries
lol i think we should throw the fork and knifes etiquette for once, at least for a burger
I ordered it w hot milk as well, I thought it would be just some normal tasting milk but it was shockingly delicious haha


After that we met mel’s friend, whose name is also melissa lol
then went to get my painkillers and we headed to f21
we bought new earrings! yay
f21’s earrings are the best!
i bought the studded ones while she bought the hearts one and we were wearing it alr ^
Went aldo to get her shoes while i got my sunglasses
k im super lazy so
orchard > eachacup > sitsit > h&m > bugis flea > rained > bus to lavender > tm > pastamania
I always eat this seafood tomyum pasta at pastamania but i think its time to try some basil chix aglio olio which mel ate n it tastes great! ^^
In total, after shopping for 8 hrs, i spent abt $100plus, but the most expensive is actually the aldo sunglass!
super impressed by my legs for being able to shop so long yet not strong enough to stand for 8 hrs during work -.-

off to work 😥

A rollercoaster ride of emotions

Another fking bad day and good day again
I was v happy cos i went thirfting w yon and we had froyo~~~

Drank big gulp cos it was outrageously hot 
and i bought a pink luggage!! hahaha
i spent an hour looking for the perfect one in BHG, but bought the one cos it was pink….
so i felt a little guilty toward the sales person who pushed the red luggage to me, cos red is just not as attractive to me hahaha
it was the most embarrassing moment of my LIFE
i fell on a boy in the bus 😥
I wanna just jump of the bus immediately and hide myself in a hole and die of embarrassment
kay, i was holding my pink luggage(as if it didnt alr brought a lot of attention from the people in the bus)
So, i was standing up, and one hand holding all my thrifts and phone, and the other my luggage, i couldnt hold a pole cos there was no available pole beside me 😦
so when the bus turned, i freaking fell on this secondary school boy and he was giving me the death stare OMGOMGOMG
i cant describe how EMBARRASSED i felt that day 😥
i repeatedly said sorry! sorry! while the whole bus stares at me w the boy 😦
then, i got off the bus immediately 😦

Furthermore, i was feeling damn sad these few days cos hb cheated on me had someone else
and have been playing the piano for hours everyday
After today, or tml, i might will forget him.

So after that, i went to work, depressed and tired. And yon to school
But I went home happy thinking about my buys
What a day of emotions right?!

Dear friend,

Its so depressing to hear of someone that died young, but i never thought that it would happen to someone i knew, and to someone i respected a lot.
He was one of those cheerful kind of guy, likes to joke a lot even though we might not feel its funny, and also very friendly and helpful. 
I rmb we used to meet at the bus stop outside school and zhengrong and me was one of the earliest ones and we would wait for the wynn yonghao n huixin to come. He will be asking me about my results, how am i during the week and i always replied with a sad face, Sian, i got U again 😦 
Hahaha, everytime i do that he will say its okay cos he got an U too 
and it made me feel less stupid cos a smarter person got the same grades as me 
As smart as he is, he was never arrogant and was the exact opposite. 
These were the good memories when we first entered jc! 🙂 


hahaha zr and huixin! ❤


wynn tang happily choosing her subjects combi!

then we went to try new iphone camera apps!!
and forced zr and yh to take w us!


Hahaha!! me and wynn was so happy! ^^

Zr doing push ups!!
huixin and meeee!

And, zr made me a rose out of tissue paper!! 
Super smart guy :’)



the day’s come and gone
People is born and died
but those memories of the days with you will remain here no matter where you go and wherever you may be. 
Be the happiest angel you can be and be blessed
Rest in peace zr :’)

last few weeks

no one called me YET
its super depressingggggg
but lets not lose hope, there must be some place suitable for everyone ^^
staying positive like the sun ^^^
I made my geometric light but have not put it up yet!!
Meeting my boss tml, shes so nice and kind, i hope its a good day and i’ll get influenced by her optimism!!

these few weeks have been tiring due to work~~~~
i feel that some are just not doing their work properly and feel saddened by the fact that i work so hard, yet some people just stand there
i really cant stand people without R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y
you took up the job, took their pay, they trusted you to do a good job, and yet, without any guilt/remorse, slacked all day
Then why should i put in my 100% when some just put in 20%?!
but thats life, some are just like that hmph
they should reflect!!!

met yon n tian for dinz whenever i can cos we work at the same place hehehe ❤
they love ice cream and fries for some reason which i dont like! hehe

These few days:
-dry coughing all day long
-listening to jay chou songs too much ❤
-really cannot balance on the bus( always fall on people 😦 )
-been thinking bout my europe trip like where to go, what to buy!! /hehe
-and thinking bout why people like to ask me bout my bf hahaha
do i have that “i have a bf” face?!
-kiwi is super naughty digging dustbins and eating my leftover spaghetti today!
-read 1/6 of a book which is quite an accomplishment for not touching any reading materials for a few mths alr

front cam is blurry/misty cos i just came out my coldroom in the morning 🙂

Top: asos/ Shorts: cotton on/ Knit sweater: Stradivarius
was feeling v relaxed n happy that day for no reason 🙂
maybe its just my off day and i feel free for a bit 🙂

Nails, polka dot with nude opi