Lost a part of me

by whilosophy

I lost my phone 😥 
its a white iphone 5 w a v nice aztec cover!!!!
damn you who stole my phone!!! 
Dont you have any INTEGRITY?! 
imagine YOUR phone got stolen, how would you feel 😦 
Hoping that my phone will come back is just hopeless because if she had the heart to return my phone, she would have returned it asap 😦 
To you who stole my phone: 
to prevent other phones from getting stolen as well 
hahaha okay, that was a bit too harsh ^^ 
but you know, i want to think that the you are desperate and need the money so badly that you had no other choice than to steal my phone
It could actually reach up to 500 bucks and it could have been a great help to you and your family 
so i have done a great deed ^^ 
but nonetheless, im still feeling really sad 😦 

After i lost my phone, i was super depressed
But i still went zouk w my colleagues! hehe 
it wasn’t that fun cos i was drunk 😦 
i kinda told them i didnt got drunk before – and that was a huge mistake 
people at dfs were all great drinkers i assume? They can hold their liquor well unlike me hahaha 
Time for bed 🙂 
I admit that I feel quite bad cos i was the one who really hated this type of stuff and really didnt want it to happen on myself, yet i let that happened to me. 
So i was feeling v sorry for myself n idk, just as yon said, once bitten twice shy, so i’ll never do it again? but its not quite up to me/ im just really lucky to have someone by my side 
im so thankful so all the nice people ^^