a bag of bare bones

Month: September, 2013

School’s back

school is back and super hard
gonna mug now 



finally arrived and i used it the first time today!!!
Actually wanted the sand colour and was contemplating between both, but its alright, im happy with the army green colour ❤

couldnt make the photo smaller soooo hahaha see my big kanken!
i got a tumblr account!!!
hehehehe 😀
i realised i had one 4 years ago and its super duper lame, with only one post
so i quickly delete it and changed it to
i thought the name was pretty cute cos of the watermelon heh
back to my drama triumph to the skies 2!

Happy random things

i want to be happier and thats all i wish for 🙂 
i hope that i could do more of the stuff i like! 
Like shopping, thrifting, diys, and take more photos 
Dressing myself up makes me happy lolol 
I want to travel all around the world! 
And also get well so my family would not worry so much.
I am ALWAYS weak, from young. 
I didn’t know what was happening to me, i fall sick very often and seen the doctors too many times.
I faint very easily from my low iron, and my blood has a naturally a higher percentage of white blood cells, this means that i should be healthier? since i have more defenders in my body, but no, i am just weak 😦 
I hope i can be healthier so my parents would not have to worry every time i got something new. (recently i’ve got migraine and its fucking painful 😥 )
I want to hang out with my friends more often because i’m getting olddddddddd 😦 
IM renovating my room now! YAYYYY 
i’ve got a pink ceiling! and my geometric light! 
kay, a little too excited for everything…… 
But i’ll still be living in the hostel so oh wells, lol. 
(i want a cath kidston bedsheet hehehe)
Has been fun so far, and too unreal that i passed physics…. 
like wtf, university level physics is no kidding. Its so hard that i dont understand what im writing most of the time…. 
after reading thoughtcatalog, i realize that actually nobody cares what i wear to school 
for so long, i tried to dress down to fit in, but no more, i’ll wear what i like 🙂 
Hehehehehe be it good or bad LOL 

And here’s my fav selfie of the month

The world is changing, or is it just me?

i just feel that i am becoming more different because i just cant trust people anymore. 
Trust is a simple thing, and it can easily be broken. 
I can nevr understand two-faced people, and why do they exist?!
Can’t someone just be as simple and just be nice to everybody without any prejudice or judgement?! 
the problem is no, we cannot. 
in this world, there is no absolute truth.
No one can be absolutely trusted. 
It has mold me in such a way that i think too much and think of the many ways that people can hurt me. 
It showed how vulnerable i could be and i am becoming one of them – manipulative and scheming 
I don’t wanna be like that! i want to return to the way i was, not thinking too much with no worries and no frustration
Thinking that the world is ugly and full of hatred. 
I’ve seen too much.
i want to return to being me, being that girl who likes the simplicity and serenity. That innocent child that agrees that the world is a beautiful place, filled with nice people. 
i guess thats just me growing up? 
Growing to be a more mature person, to accept that there is going to be that stain on your white t-shirt
We seek love and yet hate is all around.
I guess those people are just not loved enough.
You reciprocate the love you receive, so we should all love more and be loved and forget about the hatred.

im not gonna lie 
i miss you