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Month: April, 2015

Why We Should All Look At The Stars More Often

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Tonight I drove a couple of hours north of where I currently live with nothing really planned other than I wanted to be on the road listening to my favorite music, thinking about all the things that have been happening in my life lately. Places like the road, the shower, long walks to nowhere are perfect places for introspection.

So I drove for awhile and I was listening to Beirut with this one song on repeat. It’s called “The Rip Tide.” Do you know it? I don’t know why but I really like that song a lot. I listened to that song on repeat a few times while driving along the coast of Lake Michigan. When you live in Michigan it’s really not that hard to drive out of the city and end up in the middle of nowhere within a short amount of time. So that’s what I…

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little thoughts

saw you again
though i wished i was immuned to everything around,
somehow i wished i didnt as well
it felt almost as uncomfortable and almost as comfortable as ever
it was a weird feeling

if you once again, let those memories flow,
What would you rmb?
or what would i rmb?