a bag of bare bones

Month: February, 2013

Pastel pink

cant really breathe now cos i never on my aircon hahaha
i painted my nails pastel pink today! from opi, didnt see the name at the bottom though
my nails are not long enough to do nice designs yet 🙂 

went to h&m and orchard to get some stuff for work! 
Im looking forward to work! Hope its exciting and i’ll meet great people who would buy vodka from me teehee
but what i do not look forward is….. my freaking results. 
its coming out in 5 DAYS 
OMGOMGOMG WHAT DO I DO *runs around in circles and faint* 
theres so many what ifs
what if i did really badly and cannot get into the uni i want? 
which is idk what, cos i really didnt choose, i just studied hard and prayed for the best!! 
what if my whole class is on the screen except mine?! 
what if i cannot live up to my parents expectations?! 
what if the whole world just laughs at me?! 
what if i need to retake but i already threw all my notes away?! 
what if i faint in sch cos im crying too damn much?!
Now lemme show you my future: 






NONE. /sigh
I’ll probably switch off my phone and not reply any messages on that day…
Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best 
its like war 😦 
till then, I shall leave my worries to the day itself!!! 

i tried to be artsy in the car today
hahaha! Just kidding
its an accidental shot of me staring at someone outside the car 



daydreaming and having weird thoughts all day long today!! 
wth super confused by myself hahaha 
Its like a hobby of mine to think too much 
like why i can pass level 64 of candy crush for my jie but not level 29 for yon 😦
and that desire to have a swing in my room lol

went for my interview then shopped at ion 
bought a aztec halter crop top from f21 out of impulse and a 
nicenicenicenice knit outercoat from stradivarius for only NINETEEN!! 
met melissa! Quiznos > Walked > ngee ann city > tuned ukulele > home 🙂 
it was short, sweet and happy 🙂
Played somewhere over the rainbow 
and I found that the ukulele was soo much easier to play than a guitar that i bought one!! 
Still waiting for its arrival *excited*


HAHAHA kept laughing cos the fingers were not mine!! haha

went to kbox w yon!! cos shes so stressed up on exams and wanted a breather hehe
AND i found a way to tie my hair to make it seemed super longgggggg 🙂

and heres a display of all my bids to be artsy
i did all this during jc hahahahaha 
it just proves how much i’ve not been studying and wasting my time at all these things… :/
but i always wanted to do this 🙂 

Peter pan collar

ever since i made this, everyone keeps assuming all the accessories i made were all handmade hahaha 
this reminds me of my long black hair back then 😦

Geometric Heart 
Drew it as my cover page of my diary!
and a random rose i drew on my hand
i was too bored studying (cos i see the chem data booklet below)
still very sketchy cos it was my first attempt
Studded phone cover


Quote from Perks! 

Ballerina Moustache Dress (?) 
But i didnt get to use it cos i was looking for the bandage spray to make it permanent then changed my phone alr 😦 lolol 

My pencilbox w a moustache

I had more time during the hols and i did this dream weaving thing 🙂
and i glitterfied it recently using gold paint! haha

You’ve got to me kidding me 
hahahaha theres so much cats that kiwi might be jealous

many more to come!! 

gonna blow my hair now, its wet as usual 

i need a new nail colour 
getting really bored of shimmering colours! 
i want a matte pastel green? 
Pastel colours are the best and heres my face hahaha



if you havent been there, you should really consider going there yearly/ half a yearly
Had soo much fun there just minus the parts when im sick but its okay, i have my medicine: Shopping 
Bkk is fun but it gets kind of confusing when you see pretty girls around and are just unsure of their gender and get the shock of your life when you hear their voices…. 

DAY 1 
flew there on SQ! Wreck it ralph was in jap so i cant watch it 😦  

editted it on the plane, but only insta it on the last day! #wth #ikr 

i had the window seat for the flight to and fro!!!
Its the best thing ever because i loved the clouds in the day and stars at night ❤

When we reach the Novotel Platinum Bangkok hotel, its amazing! 
The hotel is so avant garde and beautiful! the most important thing that the 6th floor is connected to the shopping mall by a escalator! 
super convenient for morning and late evening shoppers 
Their heaters were also fast! 

Its seriously the best, and i havent even finish walking it for 6 days 
Im a little bit overwhelmed at the amount of clothes they sell at first and didnt buy much, but as the days goes on, i gradually started to spent like crazyyyyy
Its airconditioned and comfortable but a little more expensive then the rest of the places 
I walked for about two days before heading over to chak tu chak!

DAY 2 – Breakfast > Isetan > Big C supermart > Siam Paragon > Night markets


Passed the bridge and i found the Cath Kidston store!! 

I wanted to get their bedsheets!!
but there was only kind size and it was on sale for 4,200 Baht!
which is a skyrocket price but i would still spend on it if my bed was a king size 😦
Found Kate Spade’s bf!!

Lunch was nice as i finally get to try on authentic thai food! 
The Mango sticky rice, tomyum soups and pad thai were damn good!
i was too hungry to take photos haha 
Went to BIG C to get my daily junk ^^
which i got 2 boxes back to sg! One w seaweed, one w pocky and instant noodles!

I was warned that the weather there was very hot and wore a pair of denim shorts and a crochet top! 
Topped up w my side pony tail! 
The weather is super hot like freaking 38 degrees celsius but the stuff there and the price, just makes you forget about the heat and stuffiness ^^
However, i feel that the clothes were like all super small size and unsuitable for the taller people 😦 
Their dresses are like singlets length for me 😦 
But i still manage to get fabulous clothes!! 
Blogshop material and cheap!!
After 3 days of shopping, my legs feel like they’re breaking like i stood for 7 hours straight for that estee lauder flyer job 😦 
but its worth it!!!

DAY 4: 初一
when i woke up, my mum forced me to wear my 新衣新裤 cos its new year
so my clothes were bought just a few days ago, not washed and crumpled!! 


When we got down, we were invited by a lion dance!! 
went to the Baiyoke Sky hotel for their buffet cos its very famous, but didnt get in because its just too crowded! 
We ended up in some sharkfin soup restaurant and ate!

DAY 5: Palladium > Starbucks > A&W > Thai massage
The caramel frappe tall is 125 Baht = $5.25! 
Cheaper by a buck? haha

Walking further down from my hotel, starbucks and reached A&W!!! 
i didnt had much memories of it since i only ate it once when i was six? haha 
but it was yum yum yum delicious! 

now i know how heavy the rootbeer mugs were 
The thai massages were 200 Baht = EIGHT SGD 
They like to fold you into diff shapes and are satisfied by the crack sounds your body produces when folded 🙂 

DAY 6 – Back to SG! 
Before that i went one last round in platinum and bought many accessories and bags!!
Ate the crepe below platinum

Flew on SQ again and watched pitch perfect 🙂 
bought vodka and home. 
I was wondering if i took up the airport job that time, it would be me promoting the liquors, which i dont mind 🙂

i had no intention to take photo of my loots cos

but my mum insisted that i put all my clothes on the bed and take photos of it 😦 
#hipstermum but i havent done it heh
To conclude, I ♡ BKK!!! 


Have anyone felt that you’re not beautiful enough and cant sleep? 
these are one of those nights.

looking at this superficial world, idk how much is enough to fit in… 

its just depressing that some just dont fit in due to these societal’s ideal definition of beauty. 
this happened to one of my friends 😦
My friend is being outcasted and it really sucks for someone with such a kind heart, to be manipulated by others just because of his looks!! 
Its so unfair 😥 and it made me teared. 
This reminds me when i was little, i was really fat 
and was just make fun of, laughed at and bullied.
That did not help very much in the confidence building until today
They were mean. Saying all the things a girl would probably want to jump off a building straight away.
Others would told me they were fat in their teens too, i would just laugh it off because they dont know how much i’ve been thru these years. 
But that has made me stronger, no matter how far they went, i knew they couldnt get me.
I feel that this world had been so manipulative that many had become victims of, which they themselves are unaware of. 
Have you ever thought that if he is not strong enough, he would just collapse?! 
I guess thats what those childish bunch of fools want to see till they stop.
Seeing my friend going thru the same thing as me right now, it just hurts.

Stay strong, they cant get you. 


idk idk idk how to describe this feeling 😦 

anw, bought earcuffs!! #badass hehehe 
i think its damn nice!! And when i wear it, it doesnt look very offensive/loud
or make me look like a bad girl 


bought this Maybelline baby lips Lip Balm! 
I think its freakin good!!
from all the lip balms that i use, they have this plasticky and play-doh 
taste and makes my lips look darker 😦 
This lip balm is like nice smelling n it doesnt taste that bad ^^



I like this angle of my face too hee
Im flying in 4 hours time and still havent blow dry my hair!
byeeee sg!