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Month: December, 2012


Twentytwelve has been bad i guess 😦
its not like the normal year that happy things happen 😥
So i do hope for a better year next year!!
and and and i think i need to get a job soon so i wont slack so much w kiwi at home 🙂
shes really the Ultimate. Slacker.
Sleep eat slack watch tv sleep eat slack thats what she does all day and it influences me!!
*putting the blame on someone else heh*

Many asked what i wanna do in life..
hahahaha, like srsly. ._.
Maybe, i’ll just create a lot of art pieces at home and create my own gallery in my room which no one visits hehe
Its really kinda sad that i have totally NO direction in life and just want to end up in a uni that will accept my grades teehee
So in twentythirteen, i shall find what i really want to do in life and be passionate about it 🙂
YAY NEW RESOLUTION *ding ding ding!*
My quote of the year would be:

And so we should live it with all our hearts and with no regrets 🙂
Bye twentytwelve!!
(Will change this blogskin soon!!)


One day I’ll pray


that you’ll never go away


23 Dec ❤



DIY Dream String Art feat Kiwi
from http://www.honeyandfitz.blogspot.com
Bye twentytwelve 

可笑的人们对着老天爷的多次追讨和疑问,奢望这一个简单的回复,却一直等不到那一个“为什么” 。。。



yupp. its a crazy week
firstly i bought this crazy crazy high lita from Forever 21 ^^
i think it was bought on impulse cos it is damn HIGH HAHA
i was thinking like, since the rest can wear high high heels why cant i too?
but i regretted right after i bought it haha
i cant think of any where to wear it too!!


hmmmm then it was chalet chalet chalet
and heres a summary of it:
walk play eat play drink sleep wake macs beach talk wildwildwet eat home

I met up with my baby ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀
i missed her so so so so SO MUCH ❤
Our calendars always clash for no reason!! and its really irritating 😦
I had to meet her before 21st Dec, cos we were afraid if the world really end, we couldn’t see each other anymore 😦
But i got to meet her and we went to our fav place, ate lunch and bought a few couply stuff ^^



Last but not least, itsssss MY NEW HAIR 😀
I sat in the salon for 187498374 hours and my butt hurts
It was worth the wait i guess? to see my hair all new and different 🙂
The triple damage i did to my hair was, rebonding, perming and dyeing
But having straight long black hair for 4 years, i am still not used to the curly hair, to make things worse, its not the normal black that i always had, but a bright brown.
a mixture of honey ash brown and golden blonde
I wanted a matte colour of ash brown but my hair stylist insisted on mixing to make it bright~

I felt like a doll donning this unnatural wig when i walked out of the salon 😦
Just feeling very uneasy and weird!!

So gay said i looked Taiwanese 🙂 hehe Mummy said i looked Japanese
Ya, just not Singaporean anymore 😦
Some loved it and some said i looked 4 years older #ohgosh 😦
Hmmmmm, i guess im not in love or hate my hair, just maybe give me sometime to fall in love with it 🙂
Heres the before and after:

Before & After ^^

i feel that the curls are pretty tight now
i think it’ll look nicer after the curls loosen up
More selca
Just after salon ^^




Btw, did you see my new ^^^^^ nude moustache watch? hehee

Random stuff
My nude glitter french nail ^^
i think im gonna remove it soon lol

My melody masks ^^
Quite shiok due to the 3D fitting
and Tokyo goodies~~~~ love the banana, they look too cute to be eaten ^^
my melody tokyo



Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

Working but not really hehe

(Y) Afternoon!
so im kinda helping out at my mum’s
Learning to do business 🙂
its sucha vague subject which idk where to start from, i think it cant be learned like memorising facts from a textbook. it can only be gained from experience 🙂

Im just slacking a little now like the title haha cos im blogging in the middle of work hehe

The two days working w Melissa was super tiring, it left me drained out and exhausted at the end of the day 😦 at least i felt the christmas feel during my work 🙂
I was wearing a christmas hat, donning a black top and skirt
Giving flyers of Estee Lauder’s products!
I guess it was quite fun as there’s no quota, and we have tell them the place of the event
The worst part of the job, i being rejected when i gave out flyers 😦
The work was already mundane and i cant handle so much rejection in a day
I swear i would take all the flyers whenever people pass to me and say thank you to appreciate them 🙂

My fav part was giving out sweets!!!!!!
They say the spirit of christmas is the spirit of giving, so i felt like santa then lolol
But there’s this aunty who took 4 of my candycanes…
She took one first and asked me she she could have one more, and one more and one more…
So she took 4 in the end… I felt bad to reject her cos she said she got 10 nephews and 6 nieces LOLOL
when the people really appreciated when they took the flyers saying sweet stuff like “Thanks dear” and “Thank you, you’re so sweet” or “merry christmas” back kept my day going 😀

We were also like the human GPS, like sooo many people asked for directions.
i felt bad when i cant help them cos idk the place well :/
But at least i led them to the concierge!
This guy also asked me where i bought my christmas hat! and came back to thank me cos he got it hahaha ^^^^^
It was enjoyable overall cos i had mel w me ❤

i always had stats for my blog even when im not blogging but when i do it shoots up like damn fast *YAYY*
i must say…. i miss wordpress :’)

#nowplaying Just a fool by Christina Aguilera
Its a nice song!! go hear it NOW.

i look all nerdy and shit




hehehe YAY! (btw, did you notice my blog is snowinggggg~ 🙂 )

soooooo ALEVELS finally ended!!


i just feel like i overcame a HUGE obstacle in life and im ready for great things to come ^^

Studying is really not for me 😦 or not for a normal human being….
It is driving me insane and the worse parts is the extreme little details that you have to memorise and understand. *vomits blood* Especially biology. Its like you cant understand it, but you have to know those disgusting longggggg terms and what they are for UGH 
Im thankful that i got pass this stage 
I didnt really think i will do well, since my results sucked in my whole 2 years of jc 😦
(i went to count my chem p1 marks, i got 28 😦 i think people are gonna get like 38,39 😦 sooo i feel sad anyway)  
But im still hoping for the best!! ^^ 
For those who want to enter jc………. THINK TWICE 

*party party all day*

Im like watching this kdrama for the second time! cos i got nothing to watch on tv anyway heh.
Its like soooo sweet, how i wished my life was like that! Gonna dl the OST soon ^^
I kinda baked yesterday ^^ 
my strawberry marshmellow is soooooo SO DELICIOUS. i cant even believe i made it (of course, with my sister’s help ❤ hehe)
I SWEAR ITS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS OMG, cant emphasize it enough hehe. 
*meltttssss in my mouth*
heh. i shall put up the recipe sometime so people can enjoy it ^^

Sooooooo today, i touched my piano and neglected my guitar…. I havent touch it for about 3/4 years… It felt very unfamiliar at first but i managed to play a few songs like canon in d(lol) and till the end, its a nice song from some taiwanese drama 🙂 K LA, i can only play easy songs 😦 I can play the intro of kiss the rain and would be learning the whole song soon! 

My sister gonna go like batam tml for 2 days, im gonna miss her lol. 
Kiwi’s gonna miss her too hehe

Ling came over with banmian from bedok!! its soo nice!! so touched 😀 
hehe. And zhelin came over too, and kinda tortured kiwi a little with her non-stop (literally) petting!
i think kiwi’s too cute and she couldnt resist it 😀
Played wiii – raving rabbids HAHHAAHAHA that game is too cute omg.
Painted nails 🙂 
and she gave me this bracelet from BKK and a top which says ” We Love Shopping”
haha! i think it suits me hehe LING! >>>> Tyvm^^  

i think my blogposts are damn random, like my thoughts running all over the place 
but thats how my brain works haha

I guess this few weeks after As has been a relieve cos i can see it from the amount that im spending and the rate at im spending too…..
i bought a new wallletttttt ❤ i love it 
cos theres a ribbon ❤ and it has floral patterns inside!! 


Emmm, and Canele macarons 
not the best i think…. i would prefer Antoinette’s one 🙂 

blogshop festival where i spent $70 plus
But it was worth it 😀 
I feel bad though, because the dresses were already cheap and i still bargained until 2 dresses are sold for fifteen hehe. 


1. PACK my room (halfway done, im living in a pig sty now)
2. Lots of CRAFTS to do!!! *excited* 😀
3. Run more\gym more\eat healthily ^^
4. renovate my room! thought of the design alr! Woohoo~ (Srsly, its in a bad condition, my lights and doors are spoiled, even y balcony door 😦 )
5. MEET up with my busy friendsssssss 
6. Smile and drink water lol – i dont think it could be done at the same time

K i think thats all and i wrote a lot today 🙂 

my curly hair which died when i got to butter fac

SEE straight alr 😦 with wynnn

Shall blog another day on this lol 

Goood night stranger 🙂

For that stranger which i met for 2384713740917 times…. After that day, i think i felt it 🙂 soo i wrote a card for you *shy x 1000* ♡
but i didnt see you for almost 3 months now, i think you have forgotten?? :/
but if i had the chance i would pass it to you, still, it depends whether i dare to do it or not heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheee i doubt you can even see this