a bag of bare bones

Month: March, 2013


Work hard for what you want
Nobody is going to give it to you


body clock is totally screwed 
Active at night, tired by day 
went to swim in the evening, and im quite blind without my specs, 300 plus degrees 
i cannot spot a person from far and when i see the person, i cant discern their age as well hahaha 
practically “blind” without my contacts! 

got this sudden urge to shop alot!! 
i need to get my toms, pumps, dresses and macbook cover!! 
Everything on pinterest makes me wanna spend and spend
but at the same time, i dont want to use up my pay for all these things hahaha 

i kinda miss my straight hair cos i had them for about 6 years?! 

kk, back to my drama ^^ 
tml’s checklist:
Paint my nails 
Double check the uni applications 
Buy my stuff online!!!! YAY 


YAY finally done with my dweeb crop top! 
always wanted to do it, but was too lazy busy 
i couldnt spend $36 on this at the stores, so i had to do it myself

Dweeb crop top / top: thrifted/ white fabric paint: $4.92 
i bought a big bottle for paint because i still wanted to do a geek/nerd top on a grey shirt 
i printed the words and painted it for 4 layers to make it opaque!
and one day to dry it ^^
all geeky w geek specs


srsly, that day was the WORST DAY in 2013. 
i bet it was karma 😥 
I glad it is over 😦 
When i woke up, i was stalking hehee but twitter is locked! 😦 
After that, i found out that kiwi is sick, and had to bring her to the vet asap
I called for cab, and the first cab who came is a Malay and he couldnt fetch kiwi 
then after 5 mins, another cab came and thankfully, he was chinese ^^ 
But i was so irritated by everything due to the super hot weather
then when i reached animal practice, kiwi really had fever, flu and cough 😦 
She had 2 jabs and a blood test 

At the vet! Look at the poodle! how cute!! Pink ears and tail~ 
and another dog in the vet is called orange LOL 
and the receptionist said, Orange, this is your meds and, Kiwi, this is yours

Kiwis meds were v human like 

then i went back home to prepare for work! 
I was rushing and i am late 😦 
and when i got there, my BOSS was there 
how bad can my day be right?! 
i was supa hungry as well 😦 
I ended work at 11plus, took bus home and my 403 bus was in front of my bus!! 
it didnt even stop at my stop and i just MISSED it, and had to wait for another 15 mins for it 😦
look at how mentally and physically exhausting i was
haha im surprised that i still got the mood to take selfies after everythingggg that day
glad all thats overrrrr~~ Wheeeeee


on a side note, why am i hardworking?!?!
making myself so tired everyday
im not really in need of money too 

Thrifting away

thrifting is actually my lifetime hobby 
hahaha, i love thrifting! 
singapore stuff are soo expensive compared to bkk, but thrifting actually saves a lot of money 🙂
my wardrobe is like full of inexpensive clothes but sometimes, my thrifting gets too overboard
once i spent $78 for 15 clothes, haha its too much!! 
Everywhere is worth finding gold 🙂
End of the year blogshop fleas which are super worth to line up for
Editor’s market sale is also equally crazy
but the real deals are actually all at http://www.amazon.com 
because they are branded n have the quality (Y)
its like a HEAVEN THERE~~~ 
or drjays, supré, cotton on, or wherever theres sales! 
and take note of those free international shipping sites! 
I’ll just make my own clothes sometimes haha
Like the topshop geek shirt, which is like 30 plus omg 
i think i will just make it myself soon  

oh and i have a freaking pimple on my elbow!! 
its so painful!!! 
idk how the hell did it grow there………… 

i will have to sleep in the study room soon cos my room is under renovation!! YAY!! 
my room is made for kids, so everything is kiddy style #swag
my wardrobe cannot fit my long dresses and rompers
my desk is v low, and so is my basin where i have to bend like 90 degrees 
my cupboard can only fit big children books which wastes a lot of space if i put my A4 books!!
Finallyyyyyyyyy!!! im gonna have them all changed! YAY 
i want a pink ceiling and a swing in my room… 
haha, and k im so tired, i haven even finish my axa stuff 😦 


Its a happy day


Shots took while waiting for my bus
first one i sat straight, second one i slouched haha
its always so long, but it gives me ample time to take selfies! (Y)

met up with gay today ❤
she always make me feel that we shld be thankful to have our best friends by our side because its just so blessed to have that someone that will never leave you, forsake you or leave you in the rain ❤
Im always so crazy w her hahaha
Lunch was at long john’s and we just chatted~
Walked around in the freaking hot weather then finally found a place to sit in j.co
or else gay will start to rage hahaha *flips table*
We went shopping at a place where we never brought anyone of our friends there before 🙂
she made her keys, i printed my photos
we walked to the bus stop and hehee saw melissa
then i went to my popo house after that and work
The most exciting part of my day is to actually meet my bff hehehe ^^


Love you ❤

secretly stalking you but actually i cant find you #sad I always thought if i could just said hi, how would everything changed

im quite neutral for work…
im at dfs selling absolut vodka
hate the fact that i had to pin up my fringe
i cant escape the curse from sch until now!!! UGH 
this are after work shots 🙂

i feel that my confidence’s back when i let my fringe down, hahah but i think its just a habit and im not used to people seeing my full bare face
its like saying, NAH, SEE my face, i showed you everything, now see all my flaws magnified without needing a magnifier 
but whatevr work’s work and i must be professional!! haha


i rmb you were standing beside me when we were late and i felt that my heart beat super duper fast. You were scolded alone and i ran away cos i felt that i was super unkempt that day, rushing and everything’s just not right like a really bad day… #eyecandy 


Its not the end, but the beginning

I think one can be seen so clearly by their reactions to others after getting their results. 
some are just curious, some just gloat but the rest truly cared 🙂
People should not judge by results but its sheer fact that the society does.
Honestly, i feel sad that my grades could only land me in the less popular courses in uni but i believe evryone will get there eventually, using what methods, nobody in the future will care 🙂 

hehehe, thats what my doctor told me on saturday! 
but, jc life has thought me that i should never give up, no matter how hard it gets
at least i tried my best n fought my hardest
Im quite greatful to all my friends and families who never gave me up and left me behind though my grades always sucked!! That emotional support is really v impt ^^
Can you imagine handing your parents report cards of straight Us everytime?! 
hahah, they must be soo devastated 
i rmb i nearly cried during PTC 
like why am i so stupid that my parents had to see the vp?! 
hahah, maybe im just not the study type and i forced myself to study something i dont even understand 
I’m not proud of my results but at the end of the day, its the process that matters the most 🙂 

sometimes i just cant believe that
no matter what school i go 
there will be no uniforms!!! NO more uniform checks!!! YES

Work is just tiring. 
I hit a maximum record of FIVE blisters per foot cos of my heels 😥 
i secretly hope im a guy in these times, where i can just wear flat shoes… Ugh

i have been so sick recently idk why 😦 
My flu and cold never seem to recover 
The cycle is neverending and not helping 😦 
Eating meds > feeling all sleepy > Waking up to feel the same > Repeat 
My eye has also been feeling very very very dry for the past few days 😦 
i look super cui in specs and if i pretend i didnt see you, just take it as it is!! This just means i dont want you to recognize me lol 

my new ukulele!!! 
bought it in qoo10 for $19.90
I couldnt complain much bout it cos of the price but, its defo a good buy! Its still nice after tuning but it goes out of tune really really fast! 
once i left it there for an hour, it can go out of tune from C to B!!! 
so whenever i tune it, i’ll go for the sharp, so when i play it, its normal lol 


Heres my new bag n perfume!! 

/i wont be taking selfies cos im sick 😥