a bag of bare bones


why do i feel like im drowning every time i talk to you

hot green tea latte

Of flowers and late nights,
filled with small talks and dreams.
I watched as you savour
your cookies and cream ice cream wondering,
if you will ever get tired of me.


I sat by silently to observe you
while you bury yourself
nose deep in documents and responsibilities.

I poked your belly with a cheeky grin,
“When will you be done?” I asked, feeling mischievous.
After an hour, my face had turned gloomy
for I had waited for far too long.
Irked and bothered by nothing and everything,
I kicked up a fuss.

Yet you faced me only with glee,
That bliss across your face
made my heart skipped a beat.
Why do you find me hilarious
when I’m being absolutely unreasonable?
You carried my face with both your hands,
and replied, “Soon, baby, very soon.”
I nodded grudgingly while I returned
to reading you again,

< 3


Can I keep a secret forever?

date night

the ideal date night for me isssss to lie on a grass patch, preferably cold at night, and be cuddled up together and talk about whatever we want all night long 🙂

or going to a cafe to colour (yay!) or play hangman/ tictactoe
hahaha i love old sch games 🙂

We haven’t had a proper date since we have been so busy, OTs and work has left us pretty tired after the end of the day and we just don’t really get to enjoy the rest of the day when we just want to sleep. But when we are tgt, I just feel happy 🙂 Like even when we are doing nothing 🙂
It makes me treasure small moments such as driving out together in the morning with the car filled with espresso smells and you’d complain about why do i even wear make up when I look the same without and I’d be so upset and poke you as well like ‘how come you look the same everyday?’ hahaha and travelling back at night in the car, where we’ll fight about what songs to play 🙂

For now, it would be those continuous kisses planted on my forehead when you’re headed off to work in the morning while I am still half asleep, and when you buy dinner back for the both of us at late night even when you worked late and comes home at 11pm and still have to talk to your boss till 1130pm and we’ll eat at 12 plus….. (this seems more like a rant) but I just don’t want you to be so tired 😥 and we’ll watch one episode of The office (sometimes two) before we fall asleep :’) heheheh

These times make me feel sooo fulfilled as a human being, for knowing someone like you, so encouraging and reassuring at all times.
We rarely fight these days, but play-fight a lot (lol)

We’ll definitely fight this out together, for no matter how long it takes us, and how hard it’ll get 🙂 Thinking of our future home, which seems sooo far away, but we’ll figure it out somehow as we are both very stubborn designers…. I hope I’ll have the last say HAHA

So freakin excited / slightly anxious for our very first night in a longgg time, and this weekend would be da bomb! 🙂 What we’ll do? I d k yet! but like many other weekends, some work…. and some fun 🙂


its 1.18am
cant sleep well for the past few days (prolly from all the OTs for the last two weeks haha)
reflecting about life in general
my hair is wet, bedroom unpacked, half read books and half filled bucket lists lying on the floor, and the new ikea catalogue just came in the mail!!!
& I wanna get this little post written :’)

back to where it all started…
what were your dreams when we first started to grow up?
Was it to become rich? Was it to become a philanthropist? Was it just to get by?
I alwaysss wanted to spend my life with my loved one (hopeless romantic)
Wanted to be kind, wanted to own something thats mine, wanted to be successful.

I guess it turns out that when we are in our twenties, many things could define us, and it would have to inevitably be compared to whatever everyone else was doing. I guess we all need to take a step back and really see what we are, rather than comparing ourselves to the highlight reels of the lives of others. (Note to self)

Do we all know where are we set for? What our routes or paths are and what we can become? After working for a little while, it turns out that it is very easy to forget what life is all about. This little break is teaching me a lot about myself, and my growth as a human being, it doesn’t always have to be defined by whether we get qp or not (still such a big dream!!) but you could prolly define the kind of architectural path/ journey and growth that you want in life and be brave with your choices.

I am waiting for the universe to answer that for me lol
Equal parts excited for what life awaits, and equal parts afraid of what is to be unfolded
This is the  s t o r y  of my life

twenty four

of both the extremes and the most delicate;
of nights that filled with joy;
of days dancing like a repressed soul;
with shots too many to count;
with laughter that hurt once in a while.

huddled beneath the warmth of my white quilt, trying to figure out everything slowly;
why do my hangovers hurt like hell?


I used to be really confident of the things I do; the friends I make.
but recently, I have been doubting my choices.
Not all could be trusted, and definitely, not all friendships end up healthy, or the way I wanted it to be.
Its these times that make me feel slightly more vulnerable than I already am or used to.
Its also these times that I treasure the most; when things are different, it makes you reflect; It warns you about certain things to take note of in life, it gives you some pleasure in knowing that you were right all along, it also gives you uncertainty that puts you off, but ultimately, you find yourself and the way back.
In a way, they come hand in hand, no one greater than the other.

the truth

t h o u g h t s      a t       1 : 2 9     a  m

Cant really think clearly now
but I rmb I ig story-ed this rant saying that sometimes I feel like Im treated differently because people view me as being different.
I am tired of trying…
I need to know and realise that sometimes in this world, people are going to hate each other for no specific reason. (For this, there’s actually a specific reason for them to hate), and they do so such that they can differentiate between the ‘clean’ and the ‘unclean’.

(Yea I’m the latter to them)
Learning that to each their own, and to let go, might be the greatest lesson I could learn from this.
And yes, talking about a specific few humans. But I wont mention names.
Whoever you are, you know it.

I mean there is nothing I can say and I don’t wanna hate, so please, just ….


S T A Y    A W A Y


with the same old peeps ❤

There’s no words to describe how comfortable I am with this bunch of humans. Glad we found each other 🙂