a bag of bare bones

Month: December, 2014

窗外陰天了 音樂低聲了 我的心開始想你了



when you tried so hard to do something
people will just try to hurt and try to backstab
but its alright, because you know deep down,
the world is like that.
theres no point in fighting when it is alr biased
i cant believe you chose to believe her than me.
i think i was just trying to mend my heart
because i know only one person could do it
and it will never happen

I thank you for that hug, and for that moment.
It pulled me to somewhere that I never thought i’ll go to again
but you laughed at how ridiculous this is
mock when my heartstrings are being pulled once again

let the holidays heal me
bring the broken pieces tgt
idk what im doing anymore
with all the blame, all the accusations, all the judgement
exactly who can i trust?

no one

two more days!!


i love the snow in my blog..
where are you?


if you’re trying to make me happy,
you’ve succeeded
Get well soon


When a decision is made, who would know if it is right or wrong? The regrets, the hate, the emotional battles, will they ever help you make a good decision? Or would you end up in the wrong place? tbh, idk.. Only time will tell? or would it?
i should forget how my last christmas felt like and instead, rmb all the good times. Rmb how you used to be so protective when i wear shorter skirts and more revealing clothes, how you made sure i ate my meals, how you made sure i was not too hot or too cold, how you protected me from the horror movies that i loved but was afraid of, how you would always want to bring me to places that i like, how you would spend the night just listening to my voice and the nonsensical stuff that i have to say while looking at the beautiful night sky imagining that stars covered the whole night sky when there is only a few of them,  how you would cuddle with me through the night, how you would tolerate me when im drunk, how you would sing to me with your guitar, how you would buy me all the gifts just because you want to make me happy.
I miss all the times.
I missed all the nights we spend tgt
I rmb how you used to have insomnia and how i coaxed you to sleep
I missed how we kakao-ed everyday, playing with all the emoticons
You were wonderful and still is.