a bag of bare bones

Month: June, 2016

silly fool

^ thats me

today has been really sad
apart from the fact that im facing you again
Its even sadder to know that i cant move on
why do i want to dwell in the past?
what was all those for
what do i mean to you

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
Who knows how to love you like me
There must be a good reason that you’re gone
Every now and then I think you might want me to
Come show up at your door
But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong

Don’t wanna know
If you’re looking into her eyes
If she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame



will that day ever come?

today just made me realised how impt it is to have an bf(in your relatives eyes)
they do not really care one bit about you
but more of your image and what do you portray
A single man living on his own, having his own house = sad and pathetic
While a young couple with 2 kids = extremely fitting to societal’s norms is the true definition of happiness??
No doubt the young family is presumably happy and might be truly happy surrounded by loved ones
but the single man is also self-sufficient living alone.
he is perfectly fine, living the life he envisioned, being successful and not tied down to anything
free and happy

why do we have to get a bf? I dont get it
whats with this obsession with the having a partner just to have a baby?

#rage cos IDGI


you will always be the thing i wont tell anyone about

day 3

staying sane for three days alr
how hard could this be??

all i know are sad songs

i took a pill in ibiza
to show avicii i was cool

the problem with me

lies inside

those deep darks that you would never know
are those secrets that keep us apart

no longer i yearn for your touch
but i still yearn
for something
that will never come back
well, at least,
that was my only voice that i had
I stood up for myself

– _+–+–+_≠–≠–+–≠—≠–+—≠_≠–+_≠—±_+_=–±_≠_+–+_≠_

for once