i really wonder how can you be so open about it
i mean, its really respect n admiration for u 🙂
i dont think i can ever ever go that far(or that close) to it
but then again, i realised things are only awkward when
you think its awkward
1. Things will NEVER go your way
2. At least your friends are there to accompany you :’)
3. Be happy about it? even though it sounds really REALLY (i mean) REALLY disgusting sometimes?

Times like this, i just need some alcohol n cocktails
i cant wait for wednesday
cant wait for johor
cant wait to spend time with tofu (although its alr every single day hahaha) ❤
cant wait for every bad things to lay out infront of me and then to swallow it back again

In need of a good shopping spree
and some good friends to tell secrets to 😉