Its not the end, but the beginning

by whilosophy

I think one can be seen so clearly by their reactions to others after getting their results. 
some are just curious, some just gloat but the rest truly cared 🙂
People should not judge by results but its sheer fact that the society does.
Honestly, i feel sad that my grades could only land me in the less popular courses in uni but i believe evryone will get there eventually, using what methods, nobody in the future will care 🙂 

hehehe, thats what my doctor told me on saturday! 
but, jc life has thought me that i should never give up, no matter how hard it gets
at least i tried my best n fought my hardest
Im quite greatful to all my friends and families who never gave me up and left me behind though my grades always sucked!! That emotional support is really v impt ^^
Can you imagine handing your parents report cards of straight Us everytime?! 
hahah, they must be soo devastated 
i rmb i nearly cried during PTC 
like why am i so stupid that my parents had to see the vp?! 
hahah, maybe im just not the study type and i forced myself to study something i dont even understand 
I’m not proud of my results but at the end of the day, its the process that matters the most 🙂 

sometimes i just cant believe that
no matter what school i go 
there will be no uniforms!!! NO more uniform checks!!! YES

Work is just tiring. 
I hit a maximum record of FIVE blisters per foot cos of my heels 😥 
i secretly hope im a guy in these times, where i can just wear flat shoes… Ugh

i have been so sick recently idk why 😦 
My flu and cold never seem to recover 
The cycle is neverending and not helping 😦 
Eating meds > feeling all sleepy > Waking up to feel the same > Repeat 
My eye has also been feeling very very very dry for the past few days 😦 
i look super cui in specs and if i pretend i didnt see you, just take it as it is!! This just means i dont want you to recognize me lol 

my new ukulele!!! 
bought it in qoo10 for $19.90
I couldnt complain much bout it cos of the price but, its defo a good buy! Its still nice after tuning but it goes out of tune really really fast! 
once i left it there for an hour, it can go out of tune from C to B!!! 
so whenever i tune it, i’ll go for the sharp, so when i play it, its normal lol 


Heres my new bag n perfume!! 

/i wont be taking selfies cos im sick 😥