A rollercoaster ride of emotions

by whilosophy

Another fking bad day and good day again
I was v happy cos i went thirfting w yon and we had froyo~~~

Drank big gulp cos it was outrageously hot 
and i bought a pink luggage!! hahaha
i spent an hour looking for the perfect one in BHG, but bought the one cos it was pink….
so i felt a little guilty toward the sales person who pushed the red luggage to me, cos red is just not as attractive to me hahaha
it was the most embarrassing moment of my LIFE
i fell on a boy in the bus 😥
I wanna just jump of the bus immediately and hide myself in a hole and die of embarrassment
kay, i was holding my pink luggage(as if it didnt alr brought a lot of attention from the people in the bus)
So, i was standing up, and one hand holding all my thrifts and phone, and the other my luggage, i couldnt hold a pole cos there was no available pole beside me 😦
so when the bus turned, i freaking fell on this secondary school boy and he was giving me the death stare OMGOMGOMG
i cant describe how EMBARRASSED i felt that day 😥
i repeatedly said sorry! sorry! while the whole bus stares at me w the boy 😦
then, i got off the bus immediately 😦

Furthermore, i was feeling damn sad these few days cos hb cheated on me had someone else
and have been playing the piano for hours everyday
After today, or tml, i might will forget him.

So after that, i went to work, depressed and tired. And yon to school
But I went home happy thinking about my buys
What a day of emotions right?!