Thinking too much recently

by whilosophy

sometimes i feel happy
sometimes i feel angry
and sometimes i just feel like the world’s falling down
Sounds like an abstract from a children’s storybook, but its true

i’ve been wondering if i had the, “I’m Weak/Scared” face. Or maybe my voice sounds like a child… OKAY i admit i sound childish/bimbotic most of the time hehehe
But people ard me just like to take care of me and frequently pat me on my head
not that i hate it, but i just dont want to be treated like a little girl omg
Like today, i wanted to push the trolley or take some stocks for my absolut but was stopped and helped…….
it was a very gentlemanly act 🙂 but still it made me feel weak, and had me thinking that i was labelled girls = weak and couldn’t carry stocks that are >12 kg blah blah blah
In other instances, i feel small and need to be taken care of
but all i want is to be treated like an independent girl which i always am
hahaha #rantsrantsrants

So today, i went for supper again 🙂 Freaking funny night hahaha, i think i have abs after all that laughter!! 🙂

So no one’s perfect and we as humans strive to be more perfect than we actually are
but im just v confused by the fact that judgement makes one want to improve themselves and is also criticised by making people feel less perfect, so it is good and bad at the same time but its always labelled as bad when we judge…… Aren’t you judging the judger, which makes you a judger as well?! We all in fact judge and the one who judges others judging, is bad too which makes the person judging the judger judging the other judger, a judger as well hahaha #mindfucked
Another thing is looks fade when we grow old so the most important thing is beauty on the inside
so we should all find someone not just for the looks but for his personality and his filiality which everyone knows about it but it is rarely reflected in society today…. Looks always wins compared to one average guy w a good personality.
why don’t gp have this sort of essays for me to write?! damn haha
I can think of more points to argue than the science vs religion/ technology topics… i always end up writing bout fashion haha yay fashion
lol okay my mind has been so weird that i stare into space sometimes thinking bout these useless questions and the answers to them hehehe