“you can always find something you want.”

by whilosophy

Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

finally met up w melissa for shopping!!
That day
Army studded cap/ chanel crop top/ black singlet/ denim skirt
We met at tamp and she made me v happy by saying that i looked like some korean star sitting at the platform
but mainly is because of the cap haha
We went orchard central n had EwF!!
Everybody was using forks and knifes while i just used my hands to eat my har jeong gai burger and salt n vinegar fries
lol i think we should throw the fork and knifes etiquette for once, at least for a burger
I ordered it w hot milk as well, I thought it would be just some normal tasting milk but it was shockingly delicious haha


After that we met mel’s friend, whose name is also melissa lol
then went to get my painkillers and we headed to f21
we bought new earrings! yay
f21’s earrings are the best!
i bought the studded ones while she bought the hearts one and we were wearing it alr ^
Went aldo to get her shoes while i got my sunglasses
k im super lazy so
orchard > eachacup > sitsit > h&m > bugis flea > rained > bus to lavender > tm > pastamania
I always eat this seafood tomyum pasta at pastamania but i think its time to try some basil chix aglio olio which mel ate n it tastes great! ^^
In total, after shopping for 8 hrs, i spent abt $100plus, but the most expensive is actually the aldo sunglass!
super impressed by my legs for being able to shop so long yet not strong enough to stand for 8 hrs during work -.-

off to work 😥