last few weeks

by whilosophy

no one called me YET
its super depressingggggg
but lets not lose hope, there must be some place suitable for everyone ^^
staying positive like the sun ^^^
I made my geometric light but have not put it up yet!!
Meeting my boss tml, shes so nice and kind, i hope its a good day and i’ll get influenced by her optimism!!

these few weeks have been tiring due to work~~~~
i feel that some are just not doing their work properly and feel saddened by the fact that i work so hard, yet some people just stand there
i really cant stand people without R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y
you took up the job, took their pay, they trusted you to do a good job, and yet, without any guilt/remorse, slacked all day
Then why should i put in my 100% when some just put in 20%?!
but thats life, some are just like that hmph
they should reflect!!!

met yon n tian for dinz whenever i can cos we work at the same place hehehe ā¤
they love ice cream and fries for some reason which i dont like! hehe

These few days:
-dry coughing all day long
-listening to jay chou songs too much ā¤
-really cannot balance on the bus( always fall on people šŸ˜¦ )
-been thinking bout my europe trip like where to go, what to buy!! /hehe
-and thinking bout why people like to ask me bout my bf hahaha
do i have that “i have a bf” face?!
-kiwi is super naughty digging dustbins and eating my leftover spaghetti today!
-read 1/6 of a book which is quite an accomplishment for not touching any reading materials for a few mths alr

front cam is blurry/misty cos i just came out my coldroom in the morning šŸ™‚

Top: asos/ Shorts: cotton on/ Knit sweater: Stradivarius
was feeling v relaxed n happy that day for no reason šŸ™‚
maybe its just my off day and i feel free for a bit šŸ™‚

Nails, polka dot with nude opi