the truth

by whilosophy

t h o u g h t s      a t       1 : 2 9     a  m

Cant really think clearly now
but I rmb I ig story-ed this rant saying that sometimes I feel like Im treated differently because people view me as being different.
I am tired of trying…
I need to know and realise that sometimes in this world, people are going to hate each other for no specific reason. (For this, there’s actually a specific reason for them to hate), and they do so such that they can differentiate between the ‘clean’ and the ‘unclean’.

(Yea I’m the latter to them)
Learning that to each their own, and to let go, might be the greatest lesson I could learn from this.
And yes, talking about a specific few humans. But I wont mention names.
Whoever you are, you know it.

I mean there is nothing I can say and I don’t wanna hate, so please, just ….


S T A Y    A W A Y