by whilosophy

I heard your voice today. It has been such a long time since I heard your voice. I could recognize it immediately and I refuse to let my head up. Was it fear? Or was it a different kind of feeling that I’m unable to comprehend?

I always wished things would be different (believe it or not) but I felt that the hurt we experienced could help us grow, to be better individuals; better lovers. And I hope it did work.

When we graduate, you’ll be the only one I’ll be thinking about. What if you decide to go somewhere far? What if I won’t get to hear from you ever? What if I said today I wanted to text you but I didn’t have the courage?

It is scary.

I opened myself up to you in ways that I can’t even open up to myself. I always felt that some part of me lies with you and it is a part of me that I could never get it back, but I don’t want it back either. I want you to keep a part of me, where ever you go.

After all, you’re my first true love.
I’ll never forget you.

I saw your head turned today, maybe we were too noisy, maybe we were disturbing you, but I tried my best not to look up too, avoiding any accidental gazes for reasons that I don’t know of, all I know is, honestly, idk why

I think I missed you today.