this is how it feels like

by whilosophy

friends are great :’)
today i cried singing the graduation song
will miss them so so much
“cos we are moving on, and we cant slow down
these memories are playing like a film without sound”
i feel like im gonna tear now 😦

when will this misery end?
its not like its that painful or THAT bad
but i just have to imagine the worst first to prepare myself?!?!?!?!?!?
What if you know, i see them kissing in studio?!
woah woah woah, i needa step back and like pause for a moment
and maybe have fifteen margaritas / tequila shots
and shisha for like 2/3 hours
and hug wiwi for 4 hours straight and tell her bout what i saw
and turn to a wall to like reflect about it, cos im not supposed to feel anything
or maybe I wont feel it anymore?
B E   N U M B  (optimism at its best)
but who am i kidding
this emotional shitz in me will never not be feeling a thing 😦
hmmm then i think ill be fine again
how fate can bring us together again
how i chose to choose it again
gosh, its all coming too fast
im on the train, not ready to disembark for 2 years but was forced to jump down in just one day
to only realise that i got up on it again

you you you 
sometimes i feel like you love me more than I do 
you are so caring all the time ❤ 
What exactly am i worried about?
What am i afraid of, that i cant let myself move on?