by whilosophy

what am i doing
still wishing for things that happen and wishing for things did not happen
It will never happen
i cant shout
i cant cry
i cant do anything about it
I can only see you go pass me day by day and act as if everything is fine
2 years , it has been 2 fucking years
“Move on; let it go” thats what all of them tell me
but how

tell me how when looking at you in school makes me feel like i’m completely naked standing in front of you and you walk through

All the vulnerabilities and all i need to do is to be strong
fake it till i make it
the amount of resistance that i should have
the amount of love that i should give
no, dont tell me what i should do

nope, cant deal.
left broken and in pieces

I wonder when i can fix myself back again

make up screwed, buzzed
late nights, sleepless, dark, and lonely
back to the bed
sweet dreams, tossing and turning,
haunting memories, sweet memories
little weeps and heart breaks,
reassurance, insecurities
doubting myself, unbelieving
reckless, torn
jeans left on the floor and
All of you

h  e  l  p