by whilosophy

looking at the night filled with stars and the edges of the clouds that were lit up by the moon,
it reminds me of the past and how relaxed i used to be
reflective nights like this are rare.
Thinking of what i have done over the past few weeks,
I realised what they say how in control of your life you are,
how easy it is to be able to see things objectively,
just don’t come in at certain times, or certain parts of your life
decisions made are often rash and not carefully thought out
we don’t mean the things we say yet very often, we cannot seem to let go of the things said even if you knew they were spoken out of impulse

I could say it does matter to me, whether you’re happy or not
but at the same time, I really should let you decide on what you truly want
Be it its positive or negative, accepting or rejecting, forgetting or to hold on.
Whoever is selfish or whoever is not,
we have ourselves to judge.
it isn’t easy for both sides

Understanding does not help anymore
so does repeating “let go”
but it helps when we do accept everything that comes without any grudges, jealousy and without any adverse reactions.
Just to help let you live better.
Hope you are
And for me,
i don’t have it less hard than you do..
i’ll find the solution very soon..
I hope