by whilosophy

Its the first time in my life i felt odd
Like i don’t even want to talk to anyone (except you, i miss you :* ) 
I don’t bother to meet up with my friends anymore 
I dont facebook, so i have no idea what they are doing
In any case, i feel that it is also good for me 
To have my time alone
To do stuff alone and to have some privacy 
In the past, i lived for my friends, going out ultimately to feel… less lonely (but its also fun) 
But now i feel that I live for myself 
it feels like independence and freedom  
I have me time, to rejuvenate, to shop on my own, to get a hair cut;to travel alone
I think i’ll get tired of it soon, and i’ll be out there having fun again 
But for now, i appreciate the little peace I have 🙂 

I can feel that mummy is so happy these few days cause she found her sister in me again :’) 
She, without my consent, signed up for massages and facials and book movie tix just for the both of us
Without my dad or any kind of interruptions, just the two of us 
We’ll eat snacks and proper meals at weird timings and go on shopping trips and snack again 
I kinda like the fact that i still can hold my mum’s hand, hooking her arms, interlocking our fingers or holding our hands palm to palm 🙂
And i will want to hold them forever