Fallen to your Sunlight

by whilosophy

Im sick…
I’m diagnosed with overwhelming separation anxiety 😦  
Why do you want to tear me apart and fix me all back in 24 hours…
How did you do that?!
I guess i just cared enough to overlook the unhappiness btw us 
Im still angry btw (hmph)
you have to do something to win me back again ah….
but the loving feeling exceeds the anger now – for the time being ❤
They say love begins when the excitement of love starts to fade: the stress of life sets in, the butterflies disappears and everything becomes a chore. And after knowing the worst parts of both people, if you still want that person by your side, it means you’re good at love…
But I realised I’ve got everything upside down… 
After knowing all of each other’s bad parts and even with the stress setting in, the butterflies in my tummy continues to accumulate and it isnt a chore to see you in fact it became one of the things i look forward everyday and it motivates me 🙂
And I am still excited to love you 
What about you?