The world is changing, or is it just me?

by whilosophy

i just feel that i am becoming more different because i just cant trust people anymore. 
Trust is a simple thing, and it can easily be broken. 
I can nevr understand two-faced people, and why do they exist?!
Can’t someone just be as simple and just be nice to everybody without any prejudice or judgement?! 
the problem is no, we cannot. 
in this world, there is no absolute truth.
No one can be absolutely trusted. 
It has mold me in such a way that i think too much and think of the many ways that people can hurt me. 
It showed how vulnerable i could be and i am becoming one of them – manipulative and scheming 
I don’t wanna be like that! i want to return to the way i was, not thinking too much with no worries and no frustration
Thinking that the world is ugly and full of hatred. 
I’ve seen too much.
i want to return to being me, being that girl who likes the simplicity and serenity. That innocent child that agrees that the world is a beautiful place, filled with nice people. 
i guess thats just me growing up? 
Growing to be a more mature person, to accept that there is going to be that stain on your white t-shirt
We seek love and yet hate is all around.
I guess those people are just not loved enough.
You reciprocate the love you receive, so we should all love more and be loved and forget about the hatred.