Like the perfect one word no one’s heard yet

by whilosophy

my bags and my shoe~~~ when will you arrive 😦 
Buying overseas is always exciting yet annoying at the same time
when the parcel takes soo long to process 
Hmph :/ 
This weeks buys: 
Kutasita Nyanko cat charm ^^
 Rilakkuma 2013 Diary
iPhone 5 😀 
Food of the week: Bibimbap!!! Yummzzzz
Old song of the week: Tongue tied – Faber Drive
Wants of the week: 
Play drums 😦 
cause the shopping malls and radios are playing cny songs 
repeatedly which makes me miss percussion 😥
hahahaha, im just tired and im writing randomly
byeeee w a quote ^^^^