by whilosophy

Twentytwelve has been bad i guess 😦
its not like the normal year that happy things happen πŸ˜₯
So i do hope for a better year next year!!
and and and i think i need to get a job soon so i wont slack so much w kiwi at home πŸ™‚
shes really the Ultimate. Slacker.
Sleep eat slack watch tv sleep eat slack thats what she does all day and it influences me!!
*putting the blame on someone else heh*

Many asked what i wanna do in life..
hahahaha, like srsly. ._.
Maybe, i’ll just create a lot of art pieces at home and create my own gallery in my room which no one visits hehe
Its really kinda sad that i have totally NO direction in life and just want to end up in a uni that will accept my grades teehee
So in twentythirteen, i shall find what i really want to do in life and be passionate about it πŸ™‚
YAY NEW RESOLUTION *ding ding ding!*
My quote of the year would be:

And so we should live it with all our hearts and with no regrets πŸ™‚
Bye twentytwelve!!
(Will change this blogskin soon!!)