by whilosophy

yupp. its a crazy week
firstly i bought this crazy crazy high lita from Forever 21 ^^
i think it was bought on impulse cos it is damn HIGH HAHA
i was thinking like, since the rest can wear high high heels why cant i too?
but i regretted right after i bought it haha
i cant think of any where to wear it too!!


hmmmm then it was chalet chalet chalet
and heres a summary of it:
walk play eat play drink sleep wake macs beach talk wildwildwet eat home

I met up with my baby ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀
i missed her so so so so SO MUCH ❤
Our calendars always clash for no reason!! and its really irritating 😦
I had to meet her before 21st Dec, cos we were afraid if the world really end, we couldn’t see each other anymore 😦
But i got to meet her and we went to our fav place, ate lunch and bought a few couply stuff ^^



Last but not least, itsssss MY NEW HAIR 😀
I sat in the salon for 187498374 hours and my butt hurts
It was worth the wait i guess? to see my hair all new and different 🙂
The triple damage i did to my hair was, rebonding, perming and dyeing
But having straight long black hair for 4 years, i am still not used to the curly hair, to make things worse, its not the normal black that i always had, but a bright brown.
a mixture of honey ash brown and golden blonde
I wanted a matte colour of ash brown but my hair stylist insisted on mixing to make it bright~

I felt like a doll donning this unnatural wig when i walked out of the salon 😦
Just feeling very uneasy and weird!!

So gay said i looked Taiwanese 🙂 hehe Mummy said i looked Japanese
Ya, just not Singaporean anymore 😦
Some loved it and some said i looked 4 years older #ohgosh 😦
Hmmmmm, i guess im not in love or hate my hair, just maybe give me sometime to fall in love with it 🙂
Heres the before and after:

Before & After ^^

i feel that the curls are pretty tight now
i think it’ll look nicer after the curls loosen up
More selca
Just after salon ^^




Btw, did you see my new ^^^^^ nude moustache watch? hehee

Random stuff
My nude glitter french nail ^^
i think im gonna remove it soon lol

My melody masks ^^
Quite shiok due to the 3D fitting
and Tokyo goodies~~~~ love the banana, they look too cute to be eaten ^^
my melody tokyo



Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you