by whilosophy

hehehe YAY! (btw, did you notice my blog is snowinggggg~ 🙂 )

soooooo ALEVELS finally ended!!


i just feel like i overcame a HUGE obstacle in life and im ready for great things to come ^^

Studying is really not for me 😦 or not for a normal human being….
It is driving me insane and the worse parts is the extreme little details that you have to memorise and understand. *vomits blood* Especially biology. Its like you cant understand it, but you have to know those disgusting longggggg terms and what they are for UGH 
Im thankful that i got pass this stage 
I didnt really think i will do well, since my results sucked in my whole 2 years of jc 😦
(i went to count my chem p1 marks, i got 28 😦 i think people are gonna get like 38,39 😦 sooo i feel sad anyway)  
But im still hoping for the best!! ^^ 
For those who want to enter jc………. THINK TWICE 

*party party all day*

Im like watching this kdrama for the second time! cos i got nothing to watch on tv anyway heh.
Its like soooo sweet, how i wished my life was like that! Gonna dl the OST soon ^^
I kinda baked yesterday ^^ 
my strawberry marshmellow is soooooo SO DELICIOUS. i cant even believe i made it (of course, with my sister’s help ❤ hehe)
I SWEAR ITS SO FUCKING DELICIOUS OMG, cant emphasize it enough hehe. 
*meltttssss in my mouth*
heh. i shall put up the recipe sometime so people can enjoy it ^^

Sooooooo today, i touched my piano and neglected my guitar…. I havent touch it for about 3/4 years… It felt very unfamiliar at first but i managed to play a few songs like canon in d(lol) and till the end, its a nice song from some taiwanese drama 🙂 K LA, i can only play easy songs 😦 I can play the intro of kiss the rain and would be learning the whole song soon! 

My sister gonna go like batam tml for 2 days, im gonna miss her lol. 
Kiwi’s gonna miss her too hehe

Ling came over with banmian from bedok!! its soo nice!! so touched 😀 
hehe. And zhelin came over too, and kinda tortured kiwi a little with her non-stop (literally) petting!
i think kiwi’s too cute and she couldnt resist it 😀
Played wiii – raving rabbids HAHHAAHAHA that game is too cute omg.
Painted nails 🙂 
and she gave me this bracelet from BKK and a top which says ” We Love Shopping”
haha! i think it suits me hehe LING! >>>> Tyvm^^  

i think my blogposts are damn random, like my thoughts running all over the place 
but thats how my brain works haha

I guess this few weeks after As has been a relieve cos i can see it from the amount that im spending and the rate at im spending too…..
i bought a new wallletttttt ❤ i love it 
cos theres a ribbon ❤ and it has floral patterns inside!! 


Emmm, and Canele macarons 
not the best i think…. i would prefer Antoinette’s one 🙂 

blogshop festival where i spent $70 plus
But it was worth it 😀 
I feel bad though, because the dresses were already cheap and i still bargained until 2 dresses are sold for fifteen hehe. 


1. PACK my room (halfway done, im living in a pig sty now)
2. Lots of CRAFTS to do!!! *excited* 😀
3. Run more\gym more\eat healthily ^^
4. renovate my room! thought of the design alr! Woohoo~ (Srsly, its in a bad condition, my lights and doors are spoiled, even y balcony door 😦 )
5. MEET up with my busy friendsssssss 
6. Smile and drink water lol – i dont think it could be done at the same time

K i think thats all and i wrote a lot today 🙂 

my curly hair which died when i got to butter fac

SEE straight alr 😦 with wynnn

Shall blog another day on this lol 

Goood night stranger 🙂

For that stranger which i met for 2384713740917 times…. After that day, i think i felt it 🙂 soo i wrote a card for you *shy x 1000* ♡
but i didnt see you for almost 3 months now, i think you have forgotten?? :/
but if i had the chance i would pass it to you, still, it depends whether i dare to do it or not heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheee i doubt you can even see this